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Program Specification

Components Information
Name of University   Universitas Gadjah Mada
Faculty Agricultural Technology
Departement Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Study Program Agricultural Engineering
Accrediation A (Excellence)
Accredited by Higher Education National Accreditation Board (BAN-PT)
Akademic degree Sarjana Teknologi Pertanian (STP.)
Comptence See competence
Year of Operation 1963 to now
Admission Criteria and Procedures See website :
 Number of Lecturers 25
Credit requirement   144 to 148 SKS (Compulsory 132 credits, optional 12 to 16 credits)
 Syllabus  See Brief Outline of Courses
Length of study 8 Semesters, maximum 7 years
Graduation requirements Maximum of D score is 25% of 144 to 148 SKS, no E score, and Grade Point Average of 2,0

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