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Land & Water Resource Engineering

The scope of the laboratory is principles of engineering science and management in land and water resources engineering to provide a suitable environment for agroindustry. 

Graduates competency

Graduates competency Able to apply the principle of engineering and management in land and water resources engineering to provide suitable environment for agroindustry

Field of Study

Land & water management

land evaluation, spatial information system, agricultural land engineering and management, watershed management, development and management of water resources


Land & water conservation eng.

Hydro-climate, Soil physic for soil and water conservation, Erosion control and soil conservation, Water resources conservation engineering



Irrigation system engineering and design, Irrigation system and management, Micro irrigation system

Laboratory Member

Soil Engineering, Disaster Prevention, Landslide
Dr. NgadisihHead of Laboratory

Watershed Management, Agro-climatology
Prof. Putu SudiraMember of laboratory

Soil and Water Conservation Engineering
Chandra Setyawan, Ph.DMember of laboratory

Hydrology, Natural Resource Management
Prof. Sahid SusantoMember of Laboratory

Irrigation Management, Natural Resource Management
Dr. Saiful RochdyantoMember of Laboratory

Land Evaluation and Management
Ir. Sukirno, MSMember of Laboratory

Irrigation Engineering, Irrigation Management
Prof. Sigit Supadmo AriefMember of laboratory

Irrigation Management, Irrigation Engineering
Dr. MurtiningrumMember of Laboratory

Laboratory Facilities

  1. Analysis tools: analytical balance, thermometer, measuring glass, electronic balance, stove, oven, roll meter
  2. Irrigation: current meter, flume, mini open-channel irrigation, micro-irrigation tools
  3. Mapping tools: GPS, theodolite, compass, altimeter,
  4. Climate tools: lux meter, anemometer, thermo-hygrometer, ombrometer
  5. Information system: computer, GIS software, cropwat, etc
  6. Soil physic tools: texture and structure analyzer, penetrometer, pH-meter